Tahnik & Tahliq

Note: Due to COVID-19 measures, this service is closed until further notice.

Each session includes giving of dates, shaving of hair, reciting doa and a certificate. Recommended for babies under 2 months old. Session is conducted every Tuesday by our in-house religious officer.


Please call us at 6899  5840, or register at the information counter at Ar-Raudhah Mosque.


1st Slot
10am - 11am
2nd Slot
11am - 12nn
3rd Slot
2pm - 3pm
4th Slot
3pm - 4pm

Skim Pintar

What is Skim Pintar?

It is a scheme to facilitate our jemaah to make monthly donation to the mosque through Giro. Donors who donate $5.00 monthly (Pintar) will get free funeral services for himself in the event of his death while donors who donate more than $20.00 a month (Pintar Plus) will get *free funeral services for the immediate family living under one address in the event of any death in the family.

How do I register?

Donors with a bank account will have to fill in the Giro form.

What are the benefits of Skim Pintar?

  • Concession or complimentary burial service for donor and family in the same household
  • 20% off courses organised by Ar-Raudhah Mosque
  • 50% coverage for funeral services for parents not living in the same household (excluding NEA burial plot, transportation from hospice/hospital, and 24h doctor’s fee for death verification)

How can the donation be channeled to the mosque?

Our bank will channel your monthly donations to the mosque’s bank account, after your application have been approved.

What happens if GIRO deduction fails?

If Giro deduction fails for 3 consecutive months, the donor’s membership will be ceased automatically unless the membership is renewed.

Download GIRO form (To be printed and submitted to Mosque)

“Aisyah (RA) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) was asked, "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" He said, "The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few."”

Narrated by Bukhari, no. 6465


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
Opening hours: 8.30am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm
Closed on weekends and public holidays

Funeral Service

Basic package $1325

  • Inclusive of van transportation, complete bathing item, coffin (papan long), deceased name plate, imam, 45-seater bus, carpet grass @ Pusara and NEA burial plot

Get in touch with Hj Kadir at 9833 7752

Additional service not included in Basic Package:
(Fees will be borne by family members)

  1. 24hrs van jenazah collection from hospital/hospice ($70)
  2. Solat jenazah at the Mosque ($50)
  3. Mandi jenazat at the Mosque ($100)
  4. Any delays and transport had to wait for more than 45 mins ($80)

Annual Korban Service

Annually during the Aidul Adha celebration, Korban is organised in the Mosque. This celebration entails the distribution of fresh meat to the poor (mainly Zakat beneficiaries). It is open to the congregants who are keen to perform Korban.

Nikah/Solemnisation at Ar-Raudhah Mosque

Hold your solemnisation ceremony at our Main Prayer Hall!

Solemnisation in the Mosque can be conducted from Monday to Sunday, provided it does not coincide with the prayer times or any of the mosque’s activities. Approval of booking of the Prayer Hall is subject to availability and on first come first served basis.

Capacity: 100 pax

Available timings:
1) 9.30am – 11.30am
2) 2pm – 4pm

*No refreshments allowed


Fee: $100

Administration Fee: $50 (Non-refundable)

  • Register and make payment at Ar-Raudhah Mosque’s customer service counter. Full payment must be made upon booking. Payment can be made by cash, Nets or PayNow (UEN : S93MQ0024E)
  • There will be no refund if cancellation made within 14 days before event
  • Only 2 cars will be allowed to park at designated car park for the event (Bride/Groom car and Naib Kadi / Kadi)